Saturday, July 25, 2009

Rouge Evidemment...Top 3 reds in my life right now.

#1. While in Paris a quick stop at the Monoprix has turned into a love at first glide romance manifested into a manic obsessive addiction between me and a perfectly red tube of lipstick called Rouge Baiser #207. Its almost sexual how intensely stimulated I am by its perfect red color. I think that there are only a few times in a girls life when she notably discovers the ideal cosmetic and vows never to let it go. This is one of those moments!

#2. Nars Creme Blush in Turkish Red is ideal for the moments where I want to wear a understated yet glamourous look. Think more Grace Jones cool as opposed to the sweet and soft cheeks of an angelic cherub. Turkish red is a bold red just dark enough to sharpen up my look on the few days that I decide to wear a nude lip as opposed to my firey rouge that I mentioned above. With that said I NEVER wear the two together...I would not want to look like an extra from a bad 80's music video. Oh and it not greasy at feels almost like a powder after it goes on which is perfect because I hate when it looks like you've mixed your makeup with vaseline.

#3. Years ago when I was just a poor intern going to fashion week on the leftover passes for the shows that my boss just could not be bothered to go to, I stumbled across this brand of nail polish in my free gift bag. Well that bag and the three others that I snagged from the seats next to mine. Creative Nail Design (CND) makes one of the best nail polish formulas ever and six years later I am still a fan. I wish that they would bring back #284 XXX (a red that makes a man wanna pee his pants when he sees you) but instead I settle for #424 Burn a red that still gets the same effect (okay maybe not the pee but that was gross anyway:)