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Henrik Vibskov

Call me a late bloomer, but I was first introduced to this designer while in Berlin last fall when I discovered one of his sweater dresses hanging lonely on a rack in a tiny shop called WOOD WOOD. It was 70% off and still at a whopping 145 euros I had to take it (in my world 145euros is quite the price in comparison to my $10 and $20 frocks that I usually score at the Salvation Army.) This guy is amazing and knows how to mix his colors and patterns in a overstated fashion that totally allows the wearer to effortlessly make a statement. His Spring/Summer 2011 collection is just perfect! I don't know if I'll ever find his work again at 70% off I will cherish this sweater dress for seasons to come.

where's waldo?

✓ Resolution #1

This week I start adult ballet lessons at the Joffery Ballet School.
Wish me luck.