Sunday, September 27, 2009

Thursday, September 24, 2009

These days...

I'm thinking of
Escher, Dodgson, and Karin....
a good combination for the brain!

Summer Days...Fall me

Blogging for me used to be something that I ran home to do, recapping and recounting my moments, my experiences, and the adventures of my day for the world, or rather my six faithful followers to view. This past spring while sitting at a cafe in Paris, downloading my camera so that I could blog my heart out, I suddenly wanted to just stop finish my coffee and watch the people go by. I never again blogged for the rest of my stay in Paris....not because I no longer wanted to share my adventures with the world but rather because my moments were becoming lost in thoughts of the end result. Each moment was more of a story then an actual moment...I was in Paris and I wanted to live those moments and feel them as they were. Once back in New York I dragged myself to the computer just giving brief updates and highlights of the passing events. Usually I would check my email, log off, and go meet a friend for a drink. This was going to be my summer of "hanging out" and indeed it was. I picked up smoking, became a social drinker, a Friday night bar regular, and even managed to dip in and out of my fair share of what I like to call romantic mischief. Oh what a summer it was. I neglected all activities outside of my work, stopped my fleamarket, and said yes to just about every social outing that I could my hands on. By the end of the summer dare I say that I even had a bit of a posse that I rolled with, very not NiLeA P, but very enjoyable. To tie it all up...I ended the summer just as I had begun my spring... a huge soiree before I run off to Paris. This time it was the bitter sweet celebration of the end of my golden summer and the start of my golden year. What a better way to celebrate than a two week getaway in which I took all of my bad summer habits and kicked them up about three notches. Plunging myself into as much fun as possible in Paris, Holland, Stockholm, and Paris again, I was off with head and I danced danced danced until I was almost dead!...Well, in a Yeah Yeah Yeahs sorta way!

 those days are over. I've quit the smoking and the bar crawl has come to an end. I am looking forward to fall. A low key fall, in which Nilea P does not slip into hiberation but rather into creation...its time to get down to business. The fall me is all whined up and ready to go. It was a great summer and inspiration has arrived. New ideas, and a new regimen...who knows maybe I will even blog more. Ready, set, GO...Fall here I come..this is my golden year!