Saturday, March 22, 2008


Freedom comes when least expected. Today it found me after an encounter with an old friend. Suddenly all of my previous emotions have escaped. Just like that, another chapter of the infinite love story closed.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Tabletop obsessions

My newest one.

Priced $35.00-$85.00 Neiman Marcus

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Le Repos de Gueirrer (1962)

Tonight at 9:30pm on TV5Monde. The love story is completley fucked up but the fashion alone makes it all worth it.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Man of La Mancha

While out thrifting yesterday I came across the soundtrack from the famous play Man of La Mancha (1966). I picked it up because I was drawn to the artwork on the album cover. The music is absolutely clever and amazing. I twirled in my apt all afternoon. Wow, the joys that .99¢ can bring!


This is what I am listening to these days. The real life love affair between French pop artists Fred de Fred and Marion Benoist on wax. They seem to enjoy singing about food and sex in an upbeat catchy way that makes them irresistibly cool (at least to me anyway.) Available now on itunes.


Oh Yes!!!!!! If you need me I will be at home being visually stimulated by this masterpiece so don't bother calling.

Tonight at 12am est TCM

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Story of Love Permanent

After years of never wanting a tattoo I have suddenly identified the one thing that is permanent in my life. My love affair between myself and the rest of the world. It is ever changing, and full of love, romance, admiration, and tragedy. Heart beats and heart breaks, I adore every minute of it. Everyday is a new episode worth looking forward to.

Of Human Bondage (1964)

God I love this movie! Its on today at 4pm est on TCM.
Romance, addiction, scandal, and loyalty...a recipe of all things I love.


As sweet as they look

These shoes are my latest obsession. For the sweetest appeal this fall, I recommend them in black to be worn with solid or printed tights. I own another pair of shoes by this same brand and I absolutely adore them. Remade vintage inspired shoes ranging from the 1920's -1970's ...very addictive. I am overwhelmed by their shoe gallery, its like a dream come true!
Remix Vintage Shoes Corazon
PS: I forgot to mention that they are oh so comfortable too. Sizes 5-11 available.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Scent of Pain.

Today my heart hurts. Love stinks...yet I adore the smell.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

And the award goes to...

The shows are over and finally I have gathered enough time to share my final opinion about falls preview of fashion to be. Throughout the entire fashion week season I have given random commentary about the designers and what they have been sending down the runways...Now the finale.

MOST INTERESTING: With open arms London welcomed back Luella Bartley. In return she served them a hearty helping of her witches brew that left show-goers with a sick appetite for more. Fall 2008 is eery and cold with a heavy romantic undertone that screams of Luella's wit. Pointy witch hats, laced platform shoes, and buffalo plaid done like you have never seen it before. Luella rode in on her broom and the dust is still unsettled.

BEST COMEBACK KID: I have read mixed reviews about Zac Posens fall show but I think that it was one of his best. The collection had an element of a Parisian saloon girl with lacey lingerie revealed underneath sheer delicates. The pom pom hair pieces where a bit too "Minnie Mouse does Paris" but the collection still came together with strong well tailored statements. Menswear with a bit of sex on top...not bad Zac, not bad at all.

THE MODERN ROMANTIC: Andrew Gn is the king of modern romance. Either he is watching the TCM channel all day long (just like me,) or he lived his previous life during the turn of the century. Gn nails it every season and remains one of my favorite designers of all time. He takes full sleeves and ruffles to a new place where women can feel nothing short of beautiful. If God is a woman I would bet that this is what she is wearing to work everyday.

OLD DOG, NEW TRICKS: Maybe you can't teach an old dog new tricks but who says that he can't put a new spin on an old favorite. That is exactly what Christopher Bailey is doing with Burberry Prorsum. With classic design houses struggling to retain original brand idenity while trying to say fresh and in the game, Bailey does it flawlessly. Satin bell bottoms for both men and women, big button trenches, and beanie caps...whats not to love. Classic gone right! This look will be huge with mass retailers this fall.

THE MAGICAL MASTERPIECE: Alexander McQueen has just earned himself a spot on my short list of fairytale geniuses. Although many designers try to create clothing that can make a woman feel as if she is floating in her own fantasy land in which she is reminded of her youthful thoughts of being a magical princess, only few are able to do it sucessfully. McQueen takes us to another place, an inescapable labyrinth of beauty that traps his audience while viewing his runway performance. With breath taken away by the first look, this was by far my favorite collection this season.