Sunday, October 21, 2007

Name Less???

Yesterday I scribbled on the first page of a brand new crispy notepad that I had bought a few weeks earlier from Target. It was purchased for this very intension...

Underground Lovers
An Underground Lover
A Underground Lover
Underground Lover
The Underground Lover
My Underground Lover
Underground Love Affair
The Underground Love Affair....I think that I like this one.

Underground Lovers was my original choice but apparently that name has already been snagged by an Australian rock band that I have never heard of. Then again I tend to live underneath a rock when it comes to certain things..this being one of them.
Underground Love Affair works though, I even think that I may know what it means...NO not completely at this point. I mean, I do know what the words mean, as does anyone with at least a 5th grade education...but how does it apply to me? to this project? what is this project exactly? These are all questions that I have no answer for yet I am enthralled to find a name for this vast empty space (that is full of questions, creativity, design, frustration, anxiety, and blank energy) which exists within me.