Thursday, October 16, 2008


As top hats plunge their way back in vogue, suddenly my tattered top hat seems increasingly insignificant. My need to take it over the top draws me to the ever so famous Abe Lincoln ultimate topper. Am I ready for this? Is it too costumey? Will I be able to fit on the train? Huh!..for now I will just upgrade to a slighty higher hat until the fashion mavens push me to the ultimate Lincoln. Maybe I can find one in collapsable! In the mean time whatever your fancy get your fix at

"About a Girl"

coming 11/21
photo: R.B. cultural archivist

Gaslight (1944)

Oh! How I love this movie! Its on tonight TCM 6pm
No calls until after 8pm!
Ew...Its followed by The Scarlet Pimpernel (1935), make that no calls until 10pm!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Depths of my Delusions

Reality can sometimes escape me. In the moments that I actually realize that this has happened, I applaud myself for having that ability.

Friday, October 10, 2008

The Evolution of the A+

Lately life has been happening just way too fast for me to keep up with documentation, not with exciting adventures filled with foreign travel and fashionable pleasures but rather real life tasks and obligations that lead to unexpected weeks of disappearance from your normal scene. Since the post of my last blog I have hosted a kick-ass Labor Day BBQ, traveled through swealtering heat of Sugarland, Texas for a wedding, spent a few days in Fhilty-delphia, and finally finished my submission for the Ecco Domani Fashion Foundation Award. I have also managed to loose my favorite pair of gold Eiffel Tower earrings that I have worn solely for the past three years (tears & heartbreak), and a newly coveted pair of vintage Balenciaga oversized specs that I had just gotten as a birthday gift to myself (more tears and heartbreak). But as there is bright side to every dark moment I am twirling in excitement about the events to come. Yes!!!! A fashionable frontier mixed with a bit of travel...stay tuned.
Lets revisit for a moment the Ecco Domani fashion grant. Putting this submission together was a long but creative process. . I wanted to find a way to answer the questionaire and showcase my work in a manner that would be fun to look at and read. So I put together a scrapbook with tons of tape, markers, and glue..3rd grade art class meets high fashion, smeared with a bit of dark romance, just my style. It evolved many times before I was finally satisfied with the finish product. A special thanks to all of my professional references who happily came to my aid on this project. Particularly close to my heart is the uber cool street blogger and documentarist (1red balloon) who skillfully edited my submission before it went to press. My A is now a A+.
Now lets see if the Ecco Domani people agree.