Saturday, January 24, 2009

Office Space (On the Job NYC)

Meet Ian...he is a 20 year old trendy scenester with his finger on the pulse of contemporary mens fashion. He always seems to maintain an overall sense of cool effortless style with just enough irony to make you look twice.

Monday, January 19, 2009


Today it snowed and I basked in a my own little wonderland. The first day is always the best.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

U MAG & Me

This month the uber cool U_MAG features me and my views on sex, music, mainstream versus underground, and Brazil. U MAg is cool online fashion and culture magazine based in Brazil. This months cover is designed by Richard Bush for 1-D. Check it out!

Photos of me by Jasmine Murrell.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

une semaine a Paris...Day 6 (the final soiree)

Today is the day that we will jam in all of the things that we did not get done all week. First stop lunch at the Palais de Tokyo a contemporary art museum in the 16th.

Along the way we pass through an outdoor market and are side tracked by a stall filled with amazing food. Beef, chicken, rice, seafood, and two hungry girls with big eyes and watery mouths.

We get to the museum and then decide to turn back to get food from the market. We devour it at the museum.
Afterwards we head to Port Montorgueil one of the best and cheapest flea markets in Paris. After a quick whirl around we leave with gloves and was really cold outside and digging through the all tables in the stalls just seemed painful.

Still needing to satisfy our appetite for vintage, Charlotte takes me to the Le 66 and hip new 3 part boutique on the Champs Elysees. They have an affordable vintage section by Kiliwatch that very much like the Kililwatch boutique is very trendy and to the pulse with the latest trends in vintage. The other parts of Le 66 is very expensive but also very cool. In my opinion this is one of the best places in Paris to see what is happening next in the progressive fashion market. Don't let the stuffy interior fool you, the staff is laid back and super friendly, definitely worth checking out.

Afterwards we figured that a nice way to cap off the week of an American girl in Paris is with greasy fries from McDonald's and a pizza from Pizza Hut, quite trashy but so so good. We meet up with Pauline and Stephan back at the house and pig out before we hit the town.

We start out at Plastic Bar to hear DJ Shazzula spin physcadellic rock and soon end up at the La Mecanique for more rock and roll. I danced so much I thought I was would never catch my breath.

After the bar closes we move to another bar were we find it too crowded for comfort. Its getting late and my flight is leaving in a couple of hours. We head back to house were Charlotte helps me get my clothes together and we both attempt to stay awake to avoid oversleeping. I loose and pass out an hour into it.

At 6am as I grab my bag and peek out one last time at the amazing view of the Eiffel Tower that I peered at night after night before I went to sleep. I was sad to leave but happy to know that I will soon come back.

It was an awesome week but New York needed me. At least the New York that exists in my world. I kiss Charlotte goodbye and run down to the cab. With a tear in my eye and satisfaction in my heart I head to the airport in the thick of the night.
A bientot Paris!

Friday, January 2, 2009

une semaine a Paris...Day 5 (Out of our cocoon we emerge!)

Today we wake up early (11ish) and are excited to see Paris in the new year. It feels almost like we have been hidden away in a cave and today we able to rejoin society.

We skip our usual lunch that we prepare at home and head straight to the 13eme where we stop for lunch at Chez les filles, a fun little place with great vibe and good food.

Before lunch we took a quick tour of this cute little neighborhood, it reminded me of Willamsburg a bit with its graffiti lined walls and cute cafes.

They even have a resident artist named Miss Tic, who almost monopolizes the tags in this area.

After lunch we head over to the 9eme, to meet Pauline at Citadium, a uber cool street fashion store that carries the latest in denim, sneakers, and sportswear for both men and women. If you are looking for a cool tee shirt then this is the place. I am on a hunt for a belated Christmas gift for my brother so a stop at the Citadium is brilliant.

After a lap around each floor of the mega fashion arena I finally find the perfect gift for my brother. I throw it in the bag and we leave. We are rushing to make it to the museum before it closes. Of course it is closed when we arrive so we hop on the bus and head for the apartment.

On the way we make a stop at Publicis Drugstore another uber cool shop that is basically the result of a bodega, drug store, bookstore, and gourmet grocery, jammed inside of a clothing and novelty store. We buy magazines, cigarettes, and spicy pepperoni bon bons for tonight.
We are excited to return to the apartment because tonight we will finally eat the Galette des Rois cake that we have been saving to eat in new year. We cut into it and Charlotte gets the the piece with the hidden feve..she is our new queen. Since we have no men present she will have no king....Its okay Charlotte, you've got us instead, we'll just pretend that you are a widow!

We listen to music, FRUSTRATION by Born Bad Records to be exact ( I really like this band)

We crack open our wine and magazines and both bags of spicy pepperoni bon bons are devoured.

Tonight we head to La Perle, one of the coolest bars in Paris where the young fashion crowd come to see and be seen. Seats were scarce as scensters pour in. The fashion is some of the best I have seen thus far in Paris...these people are serious about their look and have come to show it off. As for me, I had fallen in love with this place at first glance from a block away when I saw the large robots on the windows...we stayed until it closed.

Afterwards the crowd moved a few blocks down to La Connetable a more serious bar that seemed to be a place for British and Irishmen and their dogs. None the less we had a great time. We had a meat and cheese plate and hot tea (well I had a hot tea).

Around 4am we leave. We have to rest up for my last day in Paris tomorrow.