Wednesday, July 29, 2009

NiLeA P et ReadyMade

Check out me, my life, and my collections' 7 page feature and cover shot...out on newstands Aug 4th!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Vampire Summer 1979

In the midst of all the "summer of the vampire" craze that has everyone staying up all night to read vampire chronicles and then watch the cable series, I almost forgot how much I love this song. Thanks Bauhaus for reinstating the cool.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Rouge Evidemment...Top 3 reds in my life right now.

#1. While in Paris a quick stop at the Monoprix has turned into a love at first glide romance manifested into a manic obsessive addiction between me and a perfectly red tube of lipstick called Rouge Baiser #207. Its almost sexual how intensely stimulated I am by its perfect red color. I think that there are only a few times in a girls life when she notably discovers the ideal cosmetic and vows never to let it go. This is one of those moments!

#2. Nars Creme Blush in Turkish Red is ideal for the moments where I want to wear a understated yet glamourous look. Think more Grace Jones cool as opposed to the sweet and soft cheeks of an angelic cherub. Turkish red is a bold red just dark enough to sharpen up my look on the few days that I decide to wear a nude lip as opposed to my firey rouge that I mentioned above. With that said I NEVER wear the two together...I would not want to look like an extra from a bad 80's music video. Oh and it not greasy at feels almost like a powder after it goes on which is perfect because I hate when it looks like you've mixed your makeup with vaseline.

#3. Years ago when I was just a poor intern going to fashion week on the leftover passes for the shows that my boss just could not be bothered to go to, I stumbled across this brand of nail polish in my free gift bag. Well that bag and the three others that I snagged from the seats next to mine. Creative Nail Design (CND) makes one of the best nail polish formulas ever and six years later I am still a fan. I wish that they would bring back #284 XXX (a red that makes a man wanna pee his pants when he sees you) but instead I settle for #424 Burn a red that still gets the same effect (okay maybe not the pee but that was gross anyway:)

Criminal Conversation

Last week I got a chance to check out the works of Yinka Shonibare at the Brooklyn Museum. Anyone who knows me knows that I am sucker for Victorian turn-of-the century garments and that it plays a huge role in my current work and even in my lifestyle. Yinka makes a whole statement about Dutch wax fabric and that period and what it represented then and even now. He does an interesting play on this idea and the outcome is nothing short of clever and ironic (not in the dull over-saturized sense of the word but rather in a literal straight forward "hitting nail on the head" sense.) The naughty "Gallantry and Criminal Conservation" piece is vibrant, sexual and just completely engaging. Bravo! Now that was a 10 bucks well spent!
Showing until Sept 20th.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Footsteps in the Fog

its on TCM tonight at 8pm..."Hold all my calls please Jefferey"


The brillance of the brillant...

is that they are usually discovered only after they are dead. Live your life now, its not your job to search recognition.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Summer Obsessions..yeah! yeah........yeah!

Oh God...I listen to this like everyday. Karen O is brillant and like my summer muse....i mean yeahhhh!
They are playing Rock en Seine in Paris on August 28th (my birthday)...Maybe I will ring in my new year screaming OFF WITH HEAD!!!!!!! nothing will please me more!
click here...

Ready, Set, Go!

So I am back in the states feels weird having stayed away from the blog for so long. I am not sure why but I needed it. Just a moment of taking myself off of the radar for just long enough to catch my breath and examine my sighs. It feels funny to try to go back and recap what I have missed because as much as I like to keep everyone in the know part of me feels like I did not write for a reason. I am state of confusion caught between my dreams and realizations...the ultimate discovery for which I am thirsty! In the mean time ReadyMade Magazine stopped by just long enough to feature me in a 7 page spread in their upcoming Re-Fashion issue...out on newstands Aug 6th. I pulled my camera out of retirement to snap a few pictures on set.
Thanks to Johnny Valiant, Peter and Stephen Perfetto who if only just for two days became like family in my home....I think you guys are brillant. Nice IS the new black!

PS.....I got the cover shot too!!!!! yippppiee!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

MTV and NiLeA P

click here
and then click BLOCO 2