Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ready, Set, Go!

So I am back in the states now...it feels weird having stayed away from the blog for so long. I am not sure why but I needed it. Just a moment of taking myself off of the radar for just long enough to catch my breath and examine my sighs. It feels funny to try to go back and recap what I have missed because as much as I like to keep everyone in the know part of me feels like I did not write for a reason. I am state of confusion caught between my dreams and realizations...the ultimate discovery for which I am thirsty! In the mean time ReadyMade Magazine stopped by just long enough to feature me in a 7 page spread in their upcoming Re-Fashion issue...out on newstands Aug 6th. I pulled my camera out of retirement to snap a few pictures on set.
Thanks to Johnny Valiant, Peter and Stephen Perfetto who if only just for two days became like family in my home....I think you guys are brillant. Nice IS the new black!

PS.....I got the cover shot too!!!!! yippppiee!

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