Monday, May 12, 2008

Backstage at the ULS photoshoot

8AM: I wake up, shower, dress, and draw a heart on my face. Today is the day of the ULS photoshoot. I have been going crazy planning this for weeks and now stylists are making their way to Brooklyn.
10AM: All the stylists have arrived and are set up. The first of models start pouring in. Brittany a spunky sweetheart from Trump Models is the first to arrive. I love her look, tight jeans, Urban Outfitters tee, and dirty converse. She has a boyish charm that will translate well on the camera. Lets get her to make-up ASAP.
12PM: By now we are in full swing. The food is out, all the models have arrived and make-up and hair is well underway. Chiahci the stylist on set has run into a bit of trouble, none of the models can fit into the denim pants from the line. I give my good friend Candice a call, she is a free-spirited beauty from Brooklyn with wild curly hair and most importantly the perfect bum for the job. She swings by after her arial training and slides right into make-up. Thanks for the favor Candice!
2PM: The shoot is going great and lunch is about to be served. Crews, the hair techican powers up a million watt hairdryer that blows the entire circuit in the wardrobe area. After a trip to the hardware store, and serveral lamps and extension cords later we were able to restore a bit of light in the wardrobe area and the manic blowdrying moves to the kitchen (the only circuit in the house powerful enough to handle the wattage.) Lunch moves to the living room and everyone gathers for a little rest and BLTs. Jasmine the woman preparing the food for the shoot is amazing and totally flexiable. The crew crowded around her like a mom cooking southern breakfast. The atmosphere is exactly what ULS is all about.
4PM: We are wrapping up the final looks and Champion the photographer is stopping to empty his memory card. The models are hanging out and shoot has moved to outside. The the scenes are so beautiful and nostalgic the perfect backdrop to a love story.
6PM: The crew has left and I am cleaning up the debris from the shoot. The photographer burns the last of the discs and he begins to pack up. What a perfect day..its all coming together so magically.♥
Note to self* call an electrician tomorrow.