Sunday, August 9, 2009

Last nights Tiki Party in Brooklyn


..and then rainy 2am bike ride home...only in NYC!

Photos courtesy of none other than ♥RB yall!

Potlach, La Ferme

This morning I will lay in my bed and watch episodes of my favorite cartoon of the moment...Potlach La Ferme...the adventures of fifteen animals all with very human like personalities (one duck is an expert in anthropology) and their daily dramatic stories on the farm. Absolutley amazing and stimulating. I will make a pot of tea and finish the gruy√®re in the fridge. Lazy Sunday....I♥U!

The other day while at Opening Ceremony...

DELFINA DELETTREZ - BLACK NAIL HAND RING...Oh how I can not stop thinking about you!

His, Her, My Dark Matter...Lovestory

I have been searching for the right words in this sea of madness called my thoughts. Today I checked out one of my favorite blogs and there they were..scattered, separated, sprinkled...thoughts organized and defined.
Thanks ♥RB.