Saturday, February 16, 2008

RTW... where??????

The fashion shows are in full swing as London fashion week comes to an end. New York holding the reputation as being home to sell-ability and classic American style and first on the fashion week roster had RTW collections that left me asking the question, "ready-to-wear" where? Both British and American designers such as Gareth Pugh, Steark, Dennis Basso, and Monique Lhuillier are among others showing peices that seem unwearable for even the most fashionable of the population. With the economy in its current state it is unimaginable that the fashion industry will be immune to its effects. This is a time when I would expect fashion the evoke emotion, self expression, and versatility. Everyone is looking for that "special piece" that makes them feel a certain way and can be cherished throughout the season. Buyers come from cities all over the world to crowd the front rows of the fashion capital's biggest shows, yet I wonder how much of what is shown can actually be purchased in good faith that it will sell. Obviously shows are styled with an element of creativity and entertainment in mind. Mixing pieces in a manner that may not be popular to the masses for the sake of an creating an interesting show is much different than designing pieces that stand so flamboyantly on their own that it is practically unwearable under most circumstances. The couture inspired art form is important and has its place within its own market. If ready-to- wear is supposed to be all about wearable clothing for the fashion society, shouldn't designers be creative and express themselves but with the intent to make sales and gain retail accounts? While the over-the-top creations can be exqusitedly entertaining it sometimes creeps it way into RTW shows so much that the crowd is often left thinking, "I love it, but where in the world will I be able to where it?"

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