Sunday, February 24, 2008

Me and my velo

5:00 pm Sunday evening:
Today I shall go out on my bike and see what the world has to offer...something sweet I hope.
11:00 pm
6 hours later I return having bought a tragically adorable new charm bracelet made of oversized brass hearts from jewelry/tattoo shop New York Adorned in Brooklyn. They have a perfect mix of sweet and sick that translates into a brilliant jewelry collection of a hard to find quality. I have a strong appreciation for the designers work.
I also grabbed the March edition of W magazine and thumbed through as I awaited some friends at French Roast, a 24 hour French cafe in downtown Manhattan. Soon after a designer, a model, a journalist, and a freelance producer indulged in great food, wine, and stimulating conversation. Three hours later I was on my bike with Grace Jones singing her version of La Vie en Rose as I headed home full of sweet desserts, coffee, and satisfaction in my day's adventure.

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