Sunday, April 12, 2009

Thinking, Thinking, Thoughts!

What a week...tomorrow marks the end of the first week that I have been in Paris. I absolutley adore it here. I found a awesome cafe not too far my apartment where I can come almost anytime of the day to use the wi-fi. The people here are so nice to me. Right now its almost midnight and I am on the edge of the curb having a cafe noisette...thinking....thinking...just thinking.
Ok so the apartment....
I love my new apartment. It is in the 2nd Arr. just above Rue Montorgueil. Oddly, I live in an area where there is alot of textile manufacturers so its like living in the garment district...right up my alley. Anyhow I just moved in a Friday so I am still getting settled in. Mornings have been great having du pain and saucisson sec avec jus d'orange as I stare out the window and think,think, think. I have a little radio that I keep in the kitchen as I listen to french rock'n roll and "feel good" nostalgic tunes as I have my petite dejeuner. A bit cliche I know, but so is this whole experience so why not?
My french is getting better by the day as my friend and sometimes professor, Charlotte is determined to make my french superb...God bless her man...where would I be without her? Anyway this week starts the real life in Paris. My school starts, my friend leaves, and true life begins. Maybe I am a bit nervous...I don't know...why else would I be up at midnight on a Sunday typing and thinking, thinking, thinking.
God I so much love this place!

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