Monday, December 29, 2008

une semaine a Paris...Day 1

This morning I arrived in Paris. I did not sleep very well on the plane so I was a bit groggy at the landing. I slapped on a bit of make-up, fluffed the fro and hopped off the plane. It was only 9:30 am, the day was just beginning and Paris was awaiting. After a short train ride and a couple of transfers, I arrived at the 16eme where I headed to my friends apt. I reached the door and realized "merde! I do not have the buzzer number!!!!" After pressing every buzzer on the pad I went next door to a Japanese restaurant where a guy let me use his cellphone. A minute later I am greeted by ma chere amie, Charlotte.

I love her apartment, it is cleverly decorated to precise style of her and her twin sister Pauline. They are a couple of rock and roll, psychedelic chicks who seem to have already lived and died in the sixties. Their Christmas tree is coated with a thick black fuzz that resemble dreadlocks and underneath are fun novelties like a metal deer head, a metal ski man, a ziggy stardust button, and other random toys. Old Japanese movie posters hang on the wall and a painting by their other sister Marie that says and "Welcome in Wonderland Alice pour t en sortir bouffe ta chatte"...I love it.

I jumped in the shower and we headed out to run a few errands, coffee, shoes, and the grocery store.

We return and Pauline is awake..we eat, chat, drink, drink some more and then I head out again with Charlotte in search of a toilet seat since hers had broken earlier today.

We return and Charlotte begins her home improvements and I pass out... between the wine and the jet lag I was done.

And hour and a half later I awake and three girls hit the town.

First stop La Mecanique, a physcidelic bar in the Bastille where on any given night there is a rock show happening in the basement.

We got there in time to catch the last few songs before went up stairs to dance to the dj playing garage rock. The place was full of rockabilly boys and not so hip girls even though I did catch a dolls had their shit together.

The music as amazing and we danced late into the night.

Being the rebel that I am, I downed a few ciders... I think I had to pee like 1000 times.

We grabbed some Japanese food at the end of the night before returning home to pass out.

1pm the next day I that felt good.


Alan said...

Do your thing! un bisou grande. Beautiful

Lactose Intoler-Art said...'re so lucky to get to go to Paris! I want to travel the world. Your blog is inspiring.

Anonymous said...

you're living on the edge... seems amazin'... don't let the wrong ones, i lost it.

have fun, nilea :-)

- e

Jennifer said...

This looks like an amazing time! Have fun! Happy New Year!