Thursday, August 14, 2008

Keeping Busy

Its been a quite some time since my last blog entry. I have been keeping busy all summer at a fun little project called NiLeA' P. FLEA. It is a small booth at the Brooklyn Flea Market that's like a mini vintage store within a ton of other vintage stalls. Every Sunday from 10am to 5pm. The flea goers are cute and ultra inspiring. I have been swept away in the weekly brigade of fashion forward sweethearts and their hipster boyfriends. Tattoo the flea I have seen everything tattooed from shelves of library books and paper mache birds to a diagram of a fully labeled human heart complete with arteries and muscles (that one remains my favorite.) I have even had a bit of time to slip away with my parents to South America for few weeks. Unfortunately I had a catastrophic experience with my camera so I lost all of my pictures and can not share pics on the blog. Needless to say I returned with tons of leather goodies and jewelry. I have many new obsessions for the fall to come. My dad is going to send me his copies of the photos so maybe I still put together a mini "where to" fashion guide for Buenos Aires and Salvador, Bahia. Stay tuned.
In the mean time check out more photos and blogs from the flea at

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