Saturday, April 5, 2008

I ♥ Cédric

Every Saturday morning I find myself being careful not to miss Cédric, a cartoon about the daily life of an 8 year french boy and his growing pains. He is in love with an Asian girl named Chen and he writes about his admiration for her (amongst other things) in his diary. His best comrade is his grandfather, PéPé, who helps Cédric through his trials with his parents and schoolmates. It is incredibly interesting and even as an adult I am entertained. It is funny how foreign children's cartoons seem to deal with more realistic issues like love, desire, and expression of emotion as opposed to American cartoons. Growing up I remember watching Belle and Sebastian, a classic anime adaptation based on a series of French novels by Cécile Aubry that aired on Nickelodeon. During that time it was one of the only cartoons centered around constant adventure full of love and pain. For me, it helped to illustrate a more realistic view of the world that was to come.

Belle & Sebastian

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