Friday, January 18, 2008

An old treat

Today I ran across a old project that I completed my first year in design school several years ago. The line's first collection was called “Paint the Town Red” the bio read as…

This is clothing line for the woman who at any age is full of confidence. She’s bold energized, fearless, and nothing short of stylish. This is the woman who grabs your attention as she leads a business meeting wearing pumps, leather pants, and a cropped blazer. She is an icon who demands attention weather she is performing at an sold out arena, walking down a crowded city street, or running to catch a bus. It is a collection of flirty yet sophisticated clothing, that mixes bright colorful fabrics with tailored pieces. It is intelligently energized while still maintaining a underlining sense of subtlety. To my customer fashion is not only a pleasure but a means by which she maintains her individuality, and ability to express herself. She is confident in her style and refuses to change it so instead she searches for people who appreciate her soul. She is an icon, she is Tina Tuner, Cher, Dontella Versace, she is the etcetera, but most importantly she is me, and she inspires you. You will recognize her when you see her, she’ll be the lady in red when the rest of the world is wearing black.


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